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"This is the place where you can relax and know the repair will be done right. Every step of the process is explained well and very detailed. I am glad to have a great place like Scotty's for all my automotive repair needs."

— Google Review

"On my way from NYC to the Poconos my "tire pressure low" dashboard light went on- yikes! I was driving alone and panic stricken and turned into the first place I saw, which was Scotty's. What a clean, professional setup and here's the best thing: they checked out all my tires (no problems there, thank God) and then refused to charge me! That's unbelievable to this city girl- they could have easily gouged me. Run don't walk to Scotty's for old school honesty..."

— Yelp Review

"Scott and his staff are A+ professionals. Highly recommended!"

— Google Review

"Scot Boyce provided quick service and quality repairs on my wife's Buick. The brakes failed on a Friday afternoon we limped into Scotty's disparate [sic] to get our car back in running condition again. Scott quickly diagnosed the problems, ordered the parts & promised the car would be ready the following Monday. Sure enough by 4:00 Monday he called to tell us the car was ready. His operation is extremely professional. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a followup call from Scott to make sure everything was working properly. How many businesses ever follow up with their customers? Scotty's will have my business in the future. His is the best auto repair service in Sussex County."

— Yelp Review

"Scotty Boyce is a great guy and runs a great facility. Helped me when I was stranded an in need. Wouldn't even accept a tip. Stayed late well beyond the hours of operation to make sure my problem was taken care of. Highly recommend him."

— Yelp Review

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Get 6 months interest-free financing when you use the NAPA EasyPay credit card for any repair $199 or more!